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"Boudoir" is a late 18th century French word that means a woman's bedroom or private sitting space. Boudoir Photography captures the soft, sensual elegance of a real woman's shapes and curves. 

Beth Kelly Photography can customize a Boudoir Photography Session to meet all of your needs and desires, allowing you to create the images that you desireBoudoir Photography usually includes the element of implied nudity, providing a teasing glimpse into a woman's inner sexuality. It is up to you, the client, to determine how much or how little clothing you are wearing for your Boudoir photo shoot. Some women bring along a wardrobe of lingerie, other women prefer to wear nothing at all, and many women fall somewhere in between; it all depends on your personal desires. 

Boudoir Photographs are usually taken in a woman's own bedroom, although they can also be taken in a luxury hotel suite.

Boudoir Photography Packages

Beth Kelly Photography offers a variety of different Boudoir Photography Packages including:

  • Individual Boudoir Photo Sessions
  • Couples Boudoir Photo Session
  • Boudoir Photo Sessions (these make for a very unique Bachelorette Party idea or non-traditional Girls Night Out evening


Boudoir Photography Packages make great gifts to give to the special woman in your life - or a woman can surprise the man in her life with the photographs from a Boudoir Photo session as a gift. Either way, you can never go wrong with buying a Boudoir Photo Session as a gift for your loved one! 

Contact Beth Kelly Photography to arrange your custom Boudoir Photo Package!


In order to protect my client's privacy, the Boudoir viewing gallery is password protected. Please email to receive a password to view the images in the gallery.