Beth Kelly Photography

Client Testimonials


"Looking for our wedding photographer out of state was quite a challenge, until we met with Beth. We had one day in-town to take care of all of our wedding planning; Beth was very accommodating. Her ideas and creativity assured us that all we needed was one meeting. We left with a sense of ease. When we got our pictures back, we were absolutely stunned how beautiful they turned out! I am so glad we got in that water and had fun...Thank you Beth".

Basia Jaskolka




"As a director, I appreciate that Beth strives to capture the person without trying to alter their appearance.

Beth has a unique way of playing to the strengths of the actor being photographed"


John Simpkins, NYU








 “After our initial wedding photographer failed to meet our expectations, we hired Beth to retake our pictures. She was above and beyond our expectations and captured what we considered to be the defining emotional moments of our special day.”


Mr. & Mrs. Lorenz







"Beth Kelly is a fabulous photographer. I am amazed at how well she not only captured the personalities of my crazy kids but also at how well she kept them engaged and involved. Completely successful photo shoot.

I love, love, LOVE the end results! Fantastic shots!"

Lisa Craig






"I am speechless when it comes to Beth!  She got right in there and had fun with us! I swear, she felt like family - even my mother in law liked her! She made me feel relaxed and beautiful ! 

Beth went the extra mile to photograph moments, not just pictures. She truly captured the happiness of the day".


Vanessa and Brian Cook




"Beth was absolutely amazing and captured every possible thing.

Nothing too small or too too big was a challenge for her.

She got everything!!!

Thank you! :)"

Cristina Garcia