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                    "Presentation is Everything"


Beth Kelly is a professional photographer with over 20 years experience in the New York City Entertainment and Fashion Industry. Beth Kelly has captured the personality and personal energy of thousands of clients while photographing people from all walks of life.

In order to successfully market yourself in any industry you need a powerful professional headshot as a tool to make people remember you. A professional headshot grabs the viewer's attention immediately while providing a tease of glimpse into the subject's personality.



Who benefits from a powerful professional headshot?
People from a variety of professions can benefit from the Headshot Photography services that Beth Kelly Photography provides. 
In today's business world, almost most all businesses have a Company Website, Company Facebook Page, Google + Page, Twitter Account or a presence on other social media websites. 
Your Clients and potential clients want to see a face to associate with the business, they want to know who they will be dealing with. 


  • Corporate & Executive Headshots
  • Headshots for Websites and Website Branding
  • Medical Professionals Headshots
  • College Students Seeking Employment Opportunities